About Us


Halfmoon Township is a rural area that has long been a major source of agricultural products. This rural atmosphere, with its low population density and proximity to the cultural attractions of Penn State University, has become appealing to people who have historically dwelled in or near a city; consequently, over the past twenty years, the population has increased dramatically, while the farming population has decreased. Still, Halfmoon Township has maintained its rural feeling, with all the associated pros and cons that come with country living. New residents to our rural community quickly become aware that the quality of life here is exceptional, which is one of the many reasons that more than 2,700 people have decided to call Halfmoon Township home.

Our History

Halfmoon Township was formed in 1802 and was named from the crude representations of half-moons found carved on the trees marking the course of a Native American trail that passed through the valley.


Halfmoon Township is located in the southwestern corner of Centre County and contains approximately 23.60 square miles of land area. Despite being home to an estimated 2,790 residents, a majority of the municipality is undeveloped due to the Township’s Open Space Preservation Program.


Halfmoon Township has approximately 2,790 residents, the majority of which are over age 18 and own their own homes. You can read more about the make-up of our area by viewing 2020 Census Data.