Township Tax Collector and Board of Auditors can be contacted through the Township Office at 814-692-9800 or at one of the following email addresses:

Tax Collector and Board of Auditors

Position Name Term
Elected Tax Collector
Brett G. Laird
The Tax Collector is an elected official responsible for collecting Real Estate Taxes. The Tax Collector is elected for a four-year term. He/she also collects Real Estate taxes for the School District and County and disperses the correct amount of taxes to them.
1/2022 – 12/2025
Township Auditors The Board of Auditors is comprised of three elected members who serve a six-year term. Auditors set the salary of any Township Supervisors employed by the township.
Auditor Lemuel Adkins Jr. 2018-2023
Auditor (Appointed) Frank Keshvari 2022-2022
Auditor (Appointed) Charles Simons 2022-2022

2020 Auditor’s Meeting Minutes

*Note: elections are held in Nov. preceding the end of the officer’s term.