Halfmoon Township was incorporated in 1847 and was the home to 2,667 residents in the 2010 census. The Township covers just under 24 square miles, which is a little more than 15,000 Acres. Halfmoon Township contains 31.63 miles of roads, of which the Township maintains 22.79 miles and the Commonwealth the other 8.84 miles. Halfmoon Township is the most sparsely populated of the Centre Region municipalities. For more information on the 2010 census, please visit the Penn State Data Center.

Some things you should know about the Township are:

  • Halfmoon Township participates in the regional emergency services response facility. FOR ALL EMERGENCY SERVICES (Medical, Fire and Police), CALL 911. For non-emergency police service, call 814-355-7545; for non-emergency fire or medical assistance, call the Centre County Communications Center at 800-479-0050.
  • Halfmoon Township does not have its own police, fire or emergency medical services. Rather, we rely on the State Police for police protection, the Port Matilda Volunteer Fire Company & Warriors Mark Fire Company for fire protection, and the Port Matilda Emergency Medical Services for medical services. Fire and emergency medical protection services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.
  • Approximately 89% of Halfmoon Township land area is currently zoned Agricultural. Out of approximately 15,000 acres within the Township, 49% of those acres are protected by the Township’s Open Space Preservation Program, Act 148 Farmland Preservation, Federal Protected Wetlands, Riparian Buffers, Steep Slopes, State Game Lands and Clearwater Conservancy properties.
  • All of Halfmoon Township currently lies outside of the Regional Growth Boundary as defined by the Centre Region Council of Governments (COG). The Growth Boundary is, for the most part, the limits of the central sewage system managed by the University Area Joint Authority. Areas outside the Growth Boundary, including Halfmoon Township, must provide for independent sewage treatment. Within Halfmoon Township, this consists of on-site sewage treatment.
  • Recycling Bins are located at the Halfmoon Township Municipal Lane Park in Stormstown and at the enterence to the Halfmoon Township Maintenance Building behind Autumn Meadow Park off Smith Road. There are different openings in the bins for a variety of recyclable materials. Please sort your recyclables into the proper openings and do not place any materials outside the bins.
  • The income tax for the Township is 1.45% of total Earned Income and Net Profits. We also have a property tax rate of 2 mils for open space, 4.67 mils for Township general operations, 1.7 mils for Fire Service and 46.0875 mils for schools.
  • Halfmoon Township participates in the Adopt-A-Road program, which is aimed at keeping our Township roads clean by assigning responsibility for policing the road to volunteer families or organizations.
  • Septic Systems must be pumped out every three-years and inspected every six-years and the receipt or cancelled check must be sent to the township office or Centre Region Code Office. The Centre Region Code Office will send out notices to residents instructing whether you need to pump your septic and/or pump and inspect. The inspection appointments are set up through the Code Office by calling 814-231-3056.
  • Water is provided to most of the residential areas of Halfmoon Township, particularly in the vicinity of Stormstown, by the Upper Halfmoon Water Company, which is a privately-owned company that has no affiliation with Halfmoon Township. Call 692-4309 with questions concerning the water company.