C (Houserville), F (Pine Grove Mills) and G (Stormstown) Routes:
The midday trips on all three of these routes will be eliminated and replaced with an Emergency Ride Home pilot program, detailed below.
Due to very low ridership on all three of these trips, the trips operating in the middle of the day on all three of these routes will be discontinued.

Emergency Ride Home Pilot Program – C, F, and G Routes Only
Starting August 1, CATA will initiate a one-year pilot program through which commuters on various segments of the C, F, and G Routes (those routes with no midday trip or other route options) may request an emergency ride home within the service area up to six times per year for a nominal annual fee.
Applicable Route Segments:
C Route – between the intersection of W. College Avenue and Walker Drive and the intersection of Trout Road and Gerald Street
F Route – between OLV Catholic Church and Timothy Lane
G Route – between Geisinger Grays Woods and the Stormstown Loop
To qualify the passenger must live within ¾ mile of one of the impacted route segments.
The passenger chooses how the ride is taken – taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc. – and schedules their own trips, but must be able to present a receipt for reimbursement.
Trips must be taken weekdays in a time period that is 30 minutes after the last morning trip and 30 minutes before the first evening trip of the route on which they reside; for example, on the C Route, trips can be taken between 9:15 a.m. and 3:32 p.m.
Passenger must be pre-registered or register with first use to determine eligibility but does not need to pay the fee until first use.
Program fee is taken from the first trip reimbursement.
Cost is $10 for the first pilot year, which runs on a calendar year beginning August 1.