Statement From The Chair

To the Halfmoon Township residents:

Halfmoon Township definitely “felt the love” on Valentine’s Day when well over 90 plus neighbors came out to the Township Meeting to show their interest and concern regarding potential future development in the township.  No matter your impetus to do so, the Board is very appreciative of the time and energy you all put into to showing up.  We heard many thoughtful and well said insights, great suggestions, and also extreme care and passion for our township.  The board is very proud of our township residents and the respectful manner in which you showed up to the meeting.  We know in some situations it may, on the outside, appear as though a situation is “us against them”. But I hope that you took a few positives away from last night’s meeting, because we certainly did.  1. Your voices matter and the democratic process works, 2. If you share your concerns and suggestions, we will listen and act upon them, the best we can, and 3. WE CARE, we are neighbors and residents, too.

Now that many of you have seen our faces in person, we encourage you to take advantage of our position as an elected official and reach out more often so we can stay in tune with the concerns of the residents.  Please use these mechanisms to stay connected with us:

Halfmoon Township Website

Facebook Page

email if you would like to be added to the email list

On behalf of the Halfmoon Township Board of Supervisors, including Bob, Mark, Barb, and Patty,

Danelle Del Corso, Chair