Letter from Port Matilda EMS

A letter from the Port Matilda EMS

Dear Community,
You may have read articles over the last few years about the crisis facing rural Emergency Medical Services. It’s very real and there are no easy answers, or at the moment any solutions in place.
Port Matilda EMS is currently in a critical situation. We have enough funds available to cover one more payroll cycle and that is it. Our annual membership drive is due to come out this week, and we need your support now more than ever. Your purchase of a membership helps protect not only your family in case of a medical emergency, but also helps your community sustain this vital resource.
We ask you to please consider making sure that we are able to continue to serve the community. Purchase a membership for your family, and encourage your neighbors to do the same.
Thank you,
Port Matilda EMS

Port Matilda EMS is the primary ambulance service for Halfmoon Township. Be on the look out for their membership forms coming soon!