County/Municipal Tax ‘Face Due Date’ extended to September 30th, 2020

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 the Centre County Board of Commissioners passed Resolution 9-2020 that states all local tax collectors who collect taxes for Centre County will be required to provide relief from penalty payments, reducing the interest penalty to zero percent (0%) from July 1st through September 30th. After September 30th, the 10% penalty shall be assessed.

Each taxing district has the authority to take action adjusting this ‘face-date’ payment period before penalties are imposed, therefore the County requested all Municipalities follow suite and pass a Resolution following the same guidelines as Centre County Resolution 9-2020.

The Halfmoon Township Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 2020-16 at their Board of Supervisors meeting April 23, 2020, extending the County/Municipal Tax ‘face-date’ to September 30th. The 2% discount rate due date remains as April 30th.