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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a permit?

A zoning permit is required for all new dwellings, additions, decks, swimming pools, accessory buildings, and signs, including alterations, repairs, removal or tearing down of any building or part of same. If in doubt as to whether you need a zoning permit, call the Zoning Officer at 814-692-9800.

You must obtain a sewage permit before you will be issued a zoning permit for construction of a new home. Sewage permits are required for all new and replacement septic systems. To obtain a sewage permit, contact the Sewage Enforcement Officer at 814-692-9800.

If your request for a Zoning Permit is denied by the Zoning Officer, you may request a hearing by the Zoning Review Board.

A driveway permit is required for constructing driveways, including paving, repaving, widening and changing or modifying a driveway entrance. Call the Zoning Officer before beginning any improvements to your driveway.

2. What is Riff Raff collection and when does it take place?

Riff Raff collection is a Centre Region effort to collect and dispose of items that are not generally suitable for pickup by trash collectors. Halfmoon Township DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM THROUGH THE CENTRE REGION PROGRAM.  However, the Township does hold Riff Raff Days for two days in May of each year.  Residents can bring their Riff Raff to the Maintenance Building located behind Autumn Meadow Park and staff will be available to help residents unload.

3. How do I get approval for building a new subdivision?

Plans for the development of land or beginning of a new subdivision within Halfmoon Township must be reviewed by the Zoning Officer and approved by the Planning Commission prior to beginning development. This is accomplished with an Application for review of Land or Subdivision Development Plan.  

4. How do I get an address for my house?

An address application is required to obtain a legal address that will be used by the Postal Service and 911 Emergency Services. Address numbers must be clearly displayed on all homes and businesses so they can be identified easily by emergency personal under all weather conditions.

5. Can I share the cost of maintaining a driveway or roadway that I share with my neighbor?

A shared roadway and maintenance agreement is required if you share the cost of maintaining a roadway or driveway that you share with your neighbor.