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 Supervisors Meetings

The Halfmoon Township Supervisors meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Halfmoon Township building, located at 100 Municipal Lane, in Stormstown, unless otherwise noted. 

The public is welcome to attend meetings.  If you wish to be on the agenda, please contact the Township Secretary two weeks prior to the meeting.


The Halfmoon Township Board of Supervisors meetings air on C-NET, Channel 7 at the times listed below during the five days following the meeting:
Saturday at 4:00 p.m.
Sunday at 8:00 p.m.
Monday at 1:00 a.m.
Tuesday at 6:00 a.m.
The meetings are also available to watch online at

 Supervisors Meeting Minutes

collapse Year : 2018 ‎(17)
BOS Minutes 09132018 Work Session.pdfBOS Minutes 09132018 Work Session10/22/201811 KB
BOS Minutes 09132018.pdfBOS Minutes 0913201810/3/2018149 KB
BOS Minutes 08232018.pdfBOS Minutes 082320189/21/2018106 KB
BOS Minutes 08232018 Work Session.pdfBOS Minutes 08232018 Work Session9/21/201864 KB
BOS Minutes 08092018.pdfBOS Minutes 080920189/5/2018157 KB
BOS Minutes 07262018.pdfBOS Minutes 072620188/24/2018158 KB
BOS Minutes 06142018.pdfBOS Minutes 061420187/27/2018173 KB
BOS Minutes 05242018.pdfBOS Minutes 052420186/15/2018165 KB
BOS Minutes 05102018.pdfBOS Minutes 051020186/5/2018169 KB
BOS Minutes 04262018.pdfBOS Minutes 042620186/1/201820 KB
BOS Minutes 04122018.pdfBOS Minutes 041220185/31/2018173 KB
BOS Minutes 03082018.pdfBOS Minutes 030820185/7/2018172 KB
BOS Minutes 02222018.pdfBOS Minutes 022220183/9/2018311 KB
BOS Minutes 02082018.pdfBOS Minutes 020820182/23/2018195 KB
BOS Minutes 01252018.pdfBOS Minutes 012520182/12/2018119 KB
BOS Minutes 01112018.pdfBOS Minutes 011120181/26/2018312 KB
BOS Reorg Minutes 01022018.pdfBOS Reorg Minutes 010220181/11/2018332 KB
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(21)
BOS Minutes 12142017.pdfBOS Minutes 1214201712/31/2017348 KB
BOS Minutes 11092017.pdfBOS Minutes 1109201712/1/2017318 KB
BOS Minutes 10262017.pdfBOS Minutes 1026201711/17/2017309 KB
BOS Minutes 10122017.pdfBOS Minutes 1012201711/10/2017318 KB
BOS Minutes 09282017.pdfBOS Minutes 0928201710/19/2017307 KB
BOS Minutes 09142017.pdfBOS Minutes 091420179/29/2017309 KB
BOS Minutes 08242017.pdfBOS Minutes 082420179/18/2017299 KB
BOS Minutes 08102017 final.pdfBOS Minutes 08102017 final8/25/2017328 KB
BOS Minutes 07272017 final.pdfBOS Minutes 07272017 final8/10/2017315 KB
BOS Minutes 07132017.pdfBOS Minutes 071320178/2/2017202 KB
BOS Minutes 06222017.pdfBOS Minutes 062220177/14/2017306 KB
BOS Minutes 05252017.pdfBOS Minutes 052520176/9/2017227 KB
BOS Minutes 05112017.pdfBOS Minutes 051120175/26/2017303 KB
BOS Minutes 04132017 revised.pdfBOS Minutes 04132017 revised4/21/2017329 KB
BOS Minutes 03232017 final.pdfBOS Minutes 03232017 final4/14/2017228 KB
BOS Minutes 03092017.pdfBOS Minutes 030920173/30/2017354 KB
BOS Minutes 02232017 revised.pdfBOS Minutes 02232017 revised3/16/2017225 KB
BOS Minutes 02092017 with attachments.pdfBOS Minutes 02092017 with attachments2/10/2017248 KB
BOS Minutes 01262017.pdfBOS Minutes 012620172/9/201796 KB
BOS Minutes 01122017.pdfBOS Minutes 011220171/26/2017111 KB
BOS Reorg Minutes 01032017.pdfBOS Reorg Minutes 010320171/12/2017104 KB
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(26)
BOS Minutes 12082016.pdfBOS Minutes 1208201612/31/2016332 KB
BOS Minutes 11172016.pdfBOS Minutes 1117201612/22/201694 KB
BOS Minutes 11102016.pdfBOS Minutes 1110201612/21/2016101 KB
BOS Minutes 10272016.pdfBOS Minutes 1027201610/28/2016107 KB
BOS Workshop Minutes 10172016budgetworkshop.pdfBOS Workshop Minutes 10172016budgetworkshop10/1/201616 KB
BOS Minutes 10132016.pdfBOS Minutes 101320169/15/201625 KB
BOS Minutes 10032016.pdfBOS Minutes 100320169/14/201620 KB
BOS Minutes 09222016.pdfBOS Minutes 092220169/13/201626 KB
BOS Minutes 09082016.pdfBOS Minutes 090820169/10/201623 KB
BOS Minutes 08252016.pdfBOS Minutes 082520169/9/201623 KB
BOS Minutes 08112016.pdfBOS Minutes 081120169/8/201631 KB
BOS Minutes 07282016.pdfBOS Minutes 072820168/11/201629 KB
BOS Minutes 07142016.pdfBOS Minutes 071420167/28/201625 KB
BOS Minutes 06272016.pdfBOS Minutes 062720167/14/201641 KB
BOS Minutes 06232016.pdfBOS Minutes 062320167/13/201631 KB
BOS Minutes 06092016.pdfBOS Minutes 060920166/23/201620 KB
BOS Minutes 05122016.pdfBOS Minutes 051220166/10/201627 KB
BOS Minutes 04282016.pdfBOS Minutes 042820165/12/2016700 KB
BOS Minutes 04142016.pdfBOS Minutes 041420164/28/2016300 KB
BOS Minutes 03242016.pdfBOS Minutes 032420164/15/201631 KB
BOS Minutes 03102016.pdfBOS Minutes 031020163/25/201625 KB
BOS Minutes 02252016.pdfBOS Minutes 022520163/3/201618 KB
BOS Minutes 02112016 revised.pdfBOS Minutes 02112016 revised2/26/201630 KB
BOS Minutes 01282016.pdfBOS Minutes 012820162/16/201621 KB
BOS Minutes 01142016.pdfBOS Minutes 011420162/10/201623 KB
BOS Reorg Minutes 01042016.pdfBOS Reorg Minutes 010420161/25/201629 KB
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(20)
BOS Minutes 12102015.pdfBOS Minutes 1210201512/30/201538 KB
BOS Minutes 11192015.pdfBOS Minutes 1119201512/29/201523 KB
BOS Minutes 11122015.pdfBOS Minutes 1112201512/10/201536 KB
BOS Minutes 10222015 (2).pdfBOS Minutes 10222015 (2)12/9/201544 KB
BOS Minutes 10082015.pdfBOS Minutes 1008201511/8/201524 KB
BOS Minutes 09102015.pdfBOS Minutes 0910201510/16/201516 KB
BOS Minutes 09242015.pdfBOS Minutes 0924201510/16/201526 KB
BOS Minutes 08272015.pdfBOS Minutes 082720159/21/201531 KB
BOS Minutes 08132015.pdfBOS Minutes 081320159/20/201521 KB
BOS Minutes 07092015.pdfBOS Minutes 070920159/19/201520 KB
BOS Minutes 06252015.pdfBOS Minutes 062520159/2/2015210 KB
BOS Minutes 06112015.pdfBOS Minutes 061120157/7/2015926 KB
BOS Minutes 05212015.pdfBOS Minutes 052120156/15/201521 KB
BOS Minutes 04092015Revised.pdfBOS Minutes 04092015Revised6/9/201521 KB
BOS Minutes 03262015 revised.pdfBOS Minutes 03262015 revised5/20/201540 KB
BOS Minutes 03122015.pdfBOS Minutes 031220153/30/201533 KB
BOS Minutes 02122015.pdfBOS Minutes 021220153/23/201550 KB
BOS Minutes 01222015.pdfBOS Minutes 012220153/22/201522 KB
BOS Minutes 01082015.pdfBOS Minutes 010820151/23/2015207 KB
BOS Reorg Minutes 01052015.pdfBOS Reorg Minutes 010520151/14/201527 KB
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(21)
BOS Minutes 12112014.pdfBOS Minutes 1211201412/20/201424 KB
BOS Agenda 11202014.pdfBOS Agenda 1120201411/19/201444 KB
BOS Agenda 11132014.pdfBOS Agenda 1113201411/12/201438 KB
BOS Minutes 10092014.pdfBOS Minutes 1009201411/5/201423 KB
BOS Minutes 09252014.pdfBOS Minutes 0925201411/4/201427 KB
BOS Minutes 09112014.pdfBOS Minutes 0911201410/8/201434 KB
BOS Agenda 09252014.pdfBOS Agenda 092520149/25/201431 KB
BOS Minutes 08282014.pdfBOS Minutes 082820149/16/201439 KB
BOS Minutes 08142014.pdfBOS Minutes 081420149/5/201440 KB
BOS Minutes 07242014.pdfBOS Minutes 072420148/24/201428 KB
BOS Minutes 07102014.pdfBOS Minutes 071020147/28/201435 KB
BOS Minutes 06242014.pdfBOS Minutes 062420147/11/201425 KB
BOS Minutes 06122014.pdfBOS Minutes 061220146/24/201436 KB
BOS Minutes 05222014.pdfBOS Minutes 052220146/23/201437 KB
BOS Minutes 05082014.pdfBOS Minutes 050820145/23/201428 KB
BOS Minutes 04102014.pdfBOS Minutes 041020145/14/201428 KB
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