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 Emergency Services

Halfmoon Township participates in the regional emergency services help desk. 

For any medical, fire or police emergency call


For non-emergency police service, call 814-342-3370; for non-emergency fire or medical assistance, call the Centre County Communications Center at 800-479-0050.

Halfmoon Township does not have its own police or fire services.  We rely on the State Police for police protection.  

Fire Protection Servcies are provided by the Port Matilda Fire Company and the Warriors Mark Fire Company.  Ambulance service is provided by Port Matilda Emergency Medical Service based in the Borough of Port Matilda.  Port Matilda EMS is a non-profit volunteer service that covers all of Halfmoon Township.  They own two ambulances and have both paid and volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians for emergency medical support.  For information or an application for membership, you can reach them at 814-692-1035 between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Police protection is provided by the Pennsylvania State Police.  The PSP has its own web site at  They have provided two brochures that briefly describe their roles and contain ways to contact them, offer suggestions and compliments, and a link to the Uniform Crime Reporting System website. 

pdf IconThese brochures can be picked up the Halfmoon Township Municipal Building or viewed on-line (Brochure 1 and Brochure 2).

The Emergency Management website offers a wealth of information on local weather, family disaster preparedness, pet plans, disaster supply kits, and threats/hazard response.  For more information please visit the Centre Connect Emergency Management website.



POSTING HOUSE NUMBERS: Residents should post the house number on their home per your local municipality’s specific requirements. Landlords should post the proper house number on the building and a secondary apartment or suite number. Tenants should encourage their landlord to follow the suggested policy.

The house number shall be made up of numbers and/or letters which are contrasting in color with the background on which they are affixed, as near to the front entrance as possible and practical so that the number is legible from the sidewalk (if any), the road, and the opposite side of the street--day or night. Examples are listed below. Again, please check with your municipality for their specific requirements:


  • Residences, Townhouse and “In-Town” Businesses: Numbers shall be at least four (4) inches in height.
  • Apartment Building and High-Rises: Numbers shall be at least six (6) inches in height. Apartment numbers for individual units within the complex shall be displayed on or above or to the side of the doorway to each unit.
  • Industrial and Commercial Structures: Numbers shall be at least ten (10) inches in height.
  • Private Lanes and Long Driveways: A resident whose house number is not clearly visible from the street should install a post near the end of the driveway with numbers at least four (4) inches in height, and at least forty-eight (48) inches above the ground.