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What's New: Loveville Road Fibermatting Project


Loveville Road Fibermatting Project


Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. will be fiber-matting a portion of Loveville Road on Tuesday, May 29th.  This project will be for the portion from State Route 550 to just past Davison Road.  Traffic will be limited to single lane traffic.  Midland Asphalt will then return Monday, June 4th to fog-seal where the fiber-matting was completed.


What is fiber-matting? It is a layer of oil applied over the existing asphalt which is then layered with fibers and topped with stone. 

What is the advantage of fiber-matting?  The fibers prevent cracking as the road fluctuates and has better skid control.  It is also a cost savings and does not raise the road as much as asphalt. 

What is fog-sealing?  Fog-sealing is a surface sealant. 





Created at 5/14/2018 2:46 PM by Amy Smith
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