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What's New: Municipal Building Update


Municipal Building Update


Municipal Building Status:

In FY 2016 the municipal building was closed to remediate all the mold and to begin rebuild of the former municipal building.  However, as part of the mold remediation the meeting room was taken down to studs, the bathrooms and lobby area completely gutted, and wallboards in the former office area.   The supervisors discussed at length the best way to rebuild the present municipal building over the last year as the remediation work necessitated two ADA bathrooms, electrical upgrades, new walls in the present meeting room, lobby area, and former offices.  These discussions included the present use of the building by the public due to the area’s parking and park facilities.  The supervisors concluded the best use of the municipal building was to transition it from a municipal building to community center to serve all citizens. 

·         Two separate meeting rooms (the present meeting room and the former office area)

·         The present meeting room being available for citizen use and the former office area meeting room for Township business meetings

·         A wet bar/kitchen area (sink, cupboards, refrigerator, utility closet, microwave) between the meeting rooms located in the former closet area

·         Utility closet in kitchen to contain service sink and hot water heater

·         Remove all paneling and replace with drywall

·         New windows

·         Upgrade all electrical to present commercial code standards with ceiling wired for overhead projection

·         ADA signage through building

·         New doors

·         Two ADA bathrooms

·         New ceilings with LED lighting

·         Storage for tables and chairs available for citizens

·         Additional exit in the former office area

·         New drywall, ADA signage, ADA drinking fountains, ceiling and lighting in lobby area

·         New flooring throughout building

·         Removal of wall heating units to be replaced by wall radiators thermostatically controlled or a ceiling split HVAC system

·         ADA water fountains in lobby

The Township will keep you apprised as work progresses and timeline.  Thank you for your continued patience!




Created at 1/13/2017 3:02 PM by Amy Smith
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